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Commercial Property Cleaning Equipment Used
All equipment used by Delotas is of the Highest Quality.

All our equipment is pat tested regularly to ensure its safety and that it is conducive to the environment it is being used in.
Our Vacuum cleaners are all HEPA filtered ensuring that as many particles in the environment are caught and trapped within the filter. HEPA filters trap at 99.97% of particles of .3 microns.

Delotas as a company try to use environmentally and energy efficient equipment, whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Our cleaning products are varied and are conducive to the environment they are used in minimising the impact on the environment, and the place of work for your employees and your clients.

All of our Cleaners have the appropriate P.P.E equipment on-site for any issue that may arise from their work ensuring not only their Health and Safety but those of our client’s employees and clients.































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