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All Delotas Cleaning Hygienists are trained to a minimum  City & Guilds Level 1 - Award in Practical Cleaning Skills (7139).
Commercial Property Cleaning Staff Training

This training ens ures that our clients are confident in the work being performed and who is performing the work.
Effective and Quality training
training is one of the most
assets a businesses could have.
Delotas as a company is one of only a handful of Cleaning Companies in Europe training their employees to this minimum standard. Many of our Hygienists are also trained to City & Guilds Data / Technical Hygienists Certification Level 1&2 (7658) standard. 
The qualification City & Guilds Level 1 - Award in Practical Cleaning Skills (7139) ensures all our employees are trained in how to clean any area in the correct manner minimising cross contamination and ensuring all areas are cleaned.
(We have a very detailed training pack which can be viewed by our clients upon request)
Each and every Cleaning Hygienist is trained to ensure that every part of the project in a Commercial Premises is fulfilled and that the finished work ensures our clients are 100% happy with all work completed.
They are monitored and trained in quality performance to ensure the standards set are the highest in the industry.
Once onsite Delotas employees are constantly evaluated and kept up to date with any changes and updates in Quality Performance Health and Safety, Product, Equipment, and Procedures.































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