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Computer & IT Clean
Delotas Technical Cleaning Hygienists clean all Technical and I.T equipment to the very highest standards in the industry. Service frequency ranges from a one-time event to daily cleaning maintenance. The scope of each service is adjusted based on the existing level of equipment cleanliness, the target level of cleanliness and the customer requirements.

Whether the Equipment is based in an Office or any other premises it needs to be cleaned to help maintain its performance, ensuring the health of the equipment, the health of the personnel and the environmental aesthetics are maintained.

DELOTAS Technical Cleaning Hygienists are trained to clean al I.T and technical equipment depending on the client’s needs. Their practice and procedures ensures there is no cross contamination reducing infections and staff sickness and projecting a positive image for your business. Whilst ensuring your equipment runs more efficiently and last longer saving your business money.
All equipment by our Technical Hygienists will be quality checked to ensure it has been cleaned to the highest standards ensuring customer satisfaction.

You can be assured that all our Cleaning Hygienists are trained to the highest standards in the industry with constant evaluation, ensuring your clean is to your requirements and needs.






























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