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DELOTAS Offers the following cleaning services performed on a variable frequency. Service frequency ranges from a one-time event to daily maintenance. The scope of each service is adjusted based on the existing level of facility cleanliness, the target level of cleanliness and the customer requirements.

Types of Premises cleaned

Data Centres, Hub Rooms, Server Rooms, Battery Rooms, Communications room

Data Center Cleaning

Whether the Data Centre or Computer Room is a small hub room or a large Data Centre, it needs to be cleaned to help maintain the integrity of the environment it is in, ensuring the health of the equipment, the health of the personnel and the environmental aesthetics.

Areas Cleaned

Hvac System,Ceilings and all lighting and fittings (Also Ceiling Void if applicable) ,Walls and all fittings, Uni-struts, Overhead wiring pipework baskets conduit external server cabinets, all floor units, floor void including, stations, pipe work external server units, internal server units (If required by Company)
These are all usually performed at scheduled intervals, ranging from a daily clean to a yearly.
These services and various tasks are also performed in response to floods, disasters, preparation for installation of equipment and post construction.

These are all areas cleaned using a ULPA Vacuum which is certified to 0.1 microns (most other companies use a HEPA Vacuum certified to 0.3 microns) tack cloths, cleaning foam and lint free microfiber cloths, removing the smallest particles in your Data Center.
Tops of Floor Cleaning

Data Center Flooring is designed to dissipate static electricity by providing a conductive path to ground. Dirt on top of and ground into the Data Center floor greatly reduces the floor’s ability to dissipate static. Failure to clean the floor correctly can cause your floor to lose its anti-static properties delaminate or chip.

DELOTAS uses appropriate cleaning agents relevant to the floor being cleaned, removing dust and dirt from all types of flooring. Carpet tiles will be cleaned with a ULPA vacuum to remove as much contamination as possible and cleaned if required.
Underfloor Void

The under floor void delivers cool filtered air to the sensitive equipment above. It is also the area most prone to dirt and dust. If this is allowed to accumulate, the contaminants will be swept up and carried to the equipment by the circulated air conditioning. This could clog
Data Center Clean
circuitry, increase risk of fire cause an accidental fire suppressant discharge and miscellaneous health problems.

 Floor tiles should only be lifted by experienced technicians and employees, they can be heavy and the seals and material can be damaged affecting the integrity of the Data Room. Damaged tiles can also allow the growth of Zinc Whiskers which can settle inside equipment, resulting in short circuits and system failures.






























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