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IT downtime costs European firms 1 Million hours and €17bn a year.
of storage and hardware failures are caused by environmental factors.

Data Center Cleaning Division
When Data Centers are constructed, contamination prevention measures are put in place.

Post construction cleansing of the Hvac System, ceilings, walls, under the sub-floor, floor struts, fixings and fittings are a key priority in reducing the risk of damage from contamination. 

Following this, an effective contamination prevention procedures must be implemented for the life of the Data Center.
Data Center standards and effective cleaning

A Data Center cleaning company must comply to ISO14644 standards, which is the accepted standards for the management of contamination in clean rooms and Data Centers. ISO 14664 defines clean rooms standards from class 9 to 1, class 1 being the highest standard. The standards specify the maximum allowable particle concentrates from 0.1 to 5μm allowed in any particular class of clean room. It is recommended that Data Center classes should be between Class 9 to Class 6. ASHRAE recommend a Data Center class should be class 8.

ASHRAE recommends that Data Centers are cleaned a minimum of once a year but depending on what systems are in place it may have to be more frequent to ensure the recommended particle levels stipulated in ISO 14644 are met.

Before any cleaning is performed, an on site risk assessment of the Data Center should be completed to establish the amount of contamination that is present. This will pin point sources of contamination, check filtration, confirm operative contamination, prevention procedures and schedule future cleaning.
Following this an Air Particle reading should be performed informing the client of the amount and size of air particles in the Data Center.

The decontamination should take place and following this another Air Particle reading should be performed, which will establish the performance of the clean and its effectiveness.

This also provides certification that the clean is to ISO 14644 standards. This is becoming more essential as IT suppliers are increasingly using insufficient contamination protection as a reason to void equipment warranties. After a Data Center clean the client should be provided with contamination prevention recommendations.


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