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When was your Data Center last cleaned?
Why have your Data Center Cleaned?
When was your Data Center, Hvac last Cleaned?
When was your raised floor last inspected?
What dust prevention system do you have in place?

Have you experienced these system failures?

Memory Failure?
Board Failure?

High availability Data Center facilties require cleaning and contaminant removal with no downtime. Utilising a specialist data centre cleaning company helps to maintain a clean and efficient Data Center facility. Ensuring ISO 14644 standards are met.
Data Center contamination can be dispersed by airflow, gravity diffusion, and electrostatic attraction, eventually settling on important IT equipment.

The equipment in these rooms is highly sensitive IT equipment, and the backbone of an organisations infrastructure. If this equipment results in unscheduled downtime it can cause serious disruption to the company’s operations and systems.

They may also result in lost revenue, cause regulatory issues and put the company’s reputation at risk.
Benefits of having your Data Center Cleaned:

• Better air circulation reducing power
• Reduces the risk of critical equipment failure
• Reduction of capital equipment cost
• Data Center resilience
• Helps maintain hardware reliability
• Compliance with equipment warranties
• Removes dust build-up & dust contamination
• Reduces static discharge
• Energy cost savings
• Improved customer confidence
How do contaminants affect a Data Center

Mechanical Effects:
Obstruction of cooling airflow, interference with moving parts, abrasion, optical interference, interconnect interference, or deformation of surfaces and similar issues can not only shorten the life of equipment and cause hardware failure, but can also increase the Data Center’s power demand by at least 2%.

Chemical effects:
Dust settled on printed circuit boards can lead to component corrosion and/or to the electrical short circuiting of closely spaced features, causing hardware failure and critical system failure.

Electrical effects:
Impedance changes and electronic circuit conductor bridging (when dust lands on a circuit board across 2 points, it then becomes positively charged. The current will arc across the dust particle and create a closed circuit which could cause critical system failure).
How contamination enters the Data Center

Hvac Systems:
This is the most common source of contamination. As air is brought into the Data Center, it will draw in and circulate external contaminants no matter how good your system is. Such contaminants include, fossil fuels from vehicles, generated electricity, sand, sea salt, pollen, artificial fibres, dust and dirt caught in winds.

Entering a Data Center can bring in contaminants through doors, packaging, clothes, shoes, and the shedding of dead skin. Such contaminates include lint, dirt, dust, and skin cells.

Plaster walls can degrade over time dispersing particles through out the Data Center. Metal floors can degrade creating the risk of Zinc whiskers, increasing risk to ICT equipment and contamination of the Data Center.






























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