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HVAC Cleaning Division
As a company we believe our clients should be 100% satisfied with any work that is completed on their behalf. We as a company will undertake to do Whatever It Takes! To get the job done, ensuring the client is happy the contract has been fulfilled and the highest standards are met whilst leaving your staff a clean healthy environment to work in.
Delotas has an in-depth and professional approach to all our contracts. Our HVAC Technicians are specialists in cleaning all aspects of HVAC Systems including contamination and cleanliness testing, such as:
• PVT testing for dust sampling
• Difcos Test for sampling moulds and bacteria’s
• AGAR Jelly Test for theatres
• Wet film thickness test for kitchen extracts only
• Deposit thickness test which measures the thickness of
• Dust fitting of filters and inspection panels.

Technicians are trained and certified to B&ES

Delotas have very strict practices that follow the skills taught in the B&ES TR19 Standards and BS EN 15780 training courses. Limiting cross contamination and ensuring all areas are covered. This is applied to every contract we undertake.

Delotas ensures all Health and Safety Procedures are followed and that when on site our technicians are trained in our clients Health and Safety Procedures and are made aware of any Health and Safety Policies and Risk Assessments in place.

With Delotas being responsible for your cleaning you can be assured that it will be done to the highest standards by qualified technicians. Giving you peace of mind and reflecting a positive image for your company.
Don’t leave your HVAC system to be cleaned by just anyone..

Delotas ensures your HVAC system is cleaned to the highest standard by qualified technicians.































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