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  Data Center Cleaning 
Data Centres, Hub Rooms, Battery Rooms, Technical rooms cleaned by our City and Guilds trained Technical Hygienists to the highest and most professional standard in the industry.
  HVAC Cleaning Systems
Our highly trained technicians are trained to B&ES TR19 & BS EN 15780 Standards and will ensure your HVAC System is cleaned to the highest possible standards, testing for mould, bacteria and dust contamination, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable working enviroment for all your staff.
  Commercial Property Cleaning 
Your premises will be cleaned to the highest standard possible by our qualified Hygienists, trained to NVQ standards. Ensuring a healthy enviroment and minimising cross contamination throughout your premises.
  Computer Cleaning Service
Our Professionally trained Technical Hygienists will clean your equipment to the highest standards ensuring cross contamination is minimalised and that your equipment will look great and last longer.






























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