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HVAC Clean
Delotas cleans all accessible aspects of HVAC systems in all areas such as offices, retail, industrial, technical, veterinarian, dentist doctors etc.
Whether the HVAC system is in an office or any other premises it needs to be cleaned to help maintain the integrity of the environment. Ensuring clean effective equipment, the health of the personnel and the environmental aesthetics.
Delotas HVAC Technicians clean all areas of the system, testing contamination, fitting filters and access panels. Resulting in a healthy environment for personnel and clients whilst restricting cross contamination reducing infections and staff sickness and projecting a positive image for your business.
Delotas HVAC Technicians are able to check:

Cleanliness before and after the system has been cleaned
Provide evidence of contamination and what type of contamination

Tests Performed
PVT testing for dust sampling
Difco test for sampling moulds and bacteria’s
AGAR jelly test for theatres
Wet film thickness test for kitchen extracts only
Deposit thickness test which measures the thickness of dust
When your HVAC is cleaned our company will implement a quality control procedure for all technicians and all work is quality checked.

Delotas HVAC Technicians are trained to a minimum standard and are only one of a few companies in Europe that ensure their staff is trained to B&ES TR19 Standards and BS EN15780 Standards.






























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