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Below are some of the questions our prospective clients regularly ask.  We would welcome the opportunity to get a better understanding of your potential requirement and provide a personalised response to any questions you may have, as we really care about exceeding your expectations from day one.

Why Do I Need A Data Centre Deep Clean?

Did you know 65% of data centre and computer room problems are caused by environmental contamination but less than 5% of a typical data centre’s expenditure is allocated to hygiene and contamination prevention?

Particle and contamination build-up cause failures in electronic circuits within servers and hardware. Contamination causes servers to slow down or fail causing significant downtime which could be avoided by regular data centre cleans.

Many IT and Facilities Managers are unaware that equipment manufacturers’ warranties could be deemed void as a result of poor environmental conditions.

How Does Data Centre Deep Cleaning Prevent Downtime

Heat and contamination are two of the most common causes of failure for internal components of electronic computer equipment. Particulates brough into the facility can be carried into the hardware’s internal circuits through the air conditioning process. Specialist computer room cleaning services such as those provide by DELOTAS remove these particulates before they have a chance to infilitrate your equipment and thus significantly reduces the risk of hardware failure. IT downtime costs European firms 1 Million hours and €17bn a year. 75% of storage and hardware failures are caused by environmental factors – the investment in a structured programme of deep cleaning is negligible in comparison with this.

How Often Do I Need A Computer Room Clean?

ASHRAE recommends that Data Centers are cleaned a minimum of once a year but depending on what systems are in place it may have to be more frequent to ensure the recommended particle levels stipulated in ISO 14644-1 are met. It is advisable to have a surface clean every quarter as well as an annual deep-clean to maintain standards of cleanliness. If any construction work is done, a post-work deep-clean is always recommended.

What Standards Do Data Centre Cleans Need To Adhere To?

A Data Centre cleaning company must comply to ISO 14644-1 standards, which is the accepted standards for the management of contamination in clean rooms and Data Centers. ISO 14664-1 defines clean rooms standards from class 9 to 1, class 1 being the highest standard. The standards specify the maximum allowable particle concentrates from 0.1 to 5μm allowed in any particular class of clean room. It is recommended that Data Centre classes should be between Class 9 to Class 6. ASHRAE recommend a Data Centre class should be class 8.

Is Particle Count Reading Enough To Determine If A Room is Clean?

A particle count measures airborne particulate wihin a data centre or computer room. If you have a raised access floor it does not measure particulates that have settled above or underneath it. Settled particulate as this is called should be looked at when you are creating your maintenance programme.

Do I Have To Shut Down Operations To Have My Facility Cleaned?

No. DELOTAS technicians will work around your operations and staff. Whilst certain activities such as applying an anti-static finish to the floor require undisrupted access, DELOTAS can give you forewarning or work outside of normal working hours to ensure that you are not inconvenienced.

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