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If you inspect any HVAC system, after three or four years you are inevitably going to find debris, somewhere within that system. It may be a build-up of light dust but it is there in the system, and the air that we breathe passes through or over this.
Recommend period for inspections for compliance for the cleanliness of ventilation systems to BSEN15780
  Low Medium High
AHU 24mnths 12mnths 12 months
Filters 12mnths 12mnths 6mnths
Humidifiers 12mnths 6mnths 6mnths
Ductwork 48mnths 24mnths 12mnths
Air Terminal Devices 48mnths 24mnths 12mnths
Why have your HVAC Cleaned
Low – Rooms with only intermediate occupancy, e.g. storage and technical rooms.
Medium – Office, Hotels, Restaurant, Schools, Theatres, Residential Homes, Shopping Areas. Exhibition and Sports Halls, General areas Hospital and general working areas in industries.
High – Laboratories, Treatment Areas in Hospital and High Quality Offices.
Other worst debris found in HVAC systems are such things a decaying vermin in the ductwork and then the added incidence of damp, and you then have the perfect environment for the war of bacteria. Fungi and yeast will multiply and grown which you will be breathing in. These situations can arise over a period of time due to:

• Natural Neglect
• Filters wrongly specified
• Filters are the wrong size
• Missing vermin screens from intakes
• Badly maintained fan units causing vibration and noise
• Natural degradation of insulation materials (used internally on some ducts)

The exhaust or extract system will suck up debris that we carry into the building such as fibres from out clothes, minute flecks of paper from our working material, dead skin and many other types of contamination in an ordinary office. Laundry areas where large quantities of fibres and steam are sucked into the extract, causing possible fire risk or without post filtering could blow the unhealthy particles into your neighbour’s intake.

Why have this done?

• It provides evidence of the level of cleanliness of a system before any clean and if a clean is needed
• It provides evidence of the level of contamination after any clean
• It provides evidence of the type of contamination within the system
• It provides evidence for monitoring a system to determine 
• It provides evidence to support budget requirements for cleaning
• It provides evidence for insurance purposes
• It provides evidence for compliance with Health and Safety Regulations 1992, Regulations 5 & 6 and CDM Regulation 2007. These regulations state that systems should be regularly inspected and cleaned and air supplied is fresh or purified air.

Under COSHH regulations, Euro directives and the Health and Safety Executive it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees, visitors, tenants etc.






























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